We love to showcase innovative and inspirational fitness trainers and dancers and the ways they use Tone-y-Bands.

Meet Katia Pryce – Founder and Creator of DanceBody.
“We hear all the time, I want dancer arms – long, toned, twisted, and super lean but strong with not a lot of bulk on them. The answer is pretty simple. High reps and low resistance”, says Katia. “Dancers are consistenly using their arms during porte de bras (a ballet term for “moving and posing of the arms).  They have constant awareness of their posture – which engages their back, core, and arms.”

“We use these bands because most people don’t feel the ends of their arms. They throw the movements away, or hold energy in their shoulders. It’s a waste. You want to feel and elongate every single movement. That’s why these bands exist. We want resistance on your arms so when you extend you can actually feel the anchor on the end of the arm.”

At DanceBody, you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one. All of the movement is dance inspired:  dance cardio with weights, stretching, sculpting.  They employ  long, lean, liquid movements for an effective workout that focuses on moving with a dancer’s mentality.

Check out Katia’s Dance Cardio Moves Below.   We think she is amazing and fun!  Want to see more of her exercise fun? Join her DanceBody at Home which provides unlimited access to her routines that you can stream in the comfort of your home.

Check out Katia’s arm toning exercise routine from the DanceBody Facebook page

🤜🏻Dancer Arms🤛🏻

Posted by DanceBody on Thursday, August 24, 2017

About Katia Pryce

As a personal trainer and professional dancer, Katia has been motivating her clients (models, moms, pop stars, working girls) to attain a “DanceBody” since 2009. Katia created DanceBody classes in 2013 with the personal mission of helping her clientele achieve their best possible levels of fitness, body confidence, and self-awareness…using a dancer’s moves. Katia started training clients privately, but then word of mouth spread and DanceBody became a full-fledged movement.

About DanceBody

DANCE CARDIO that leverages various dance styles, motivating music, and a distracting sense of fun while ramping up your heart rate for maximum calorie burn.

About Hex Mats ~ Check out Katia’s creation!


Hex Mats were created specifically for DanceBody exercises. The 3/4 inch cushioned mat enables you to easily shift positions during the sculpt portion of our workout. The numbered 1-6 corners make it easy to understand where the instructor is moving, and how best to find that angle with your body. 51″ x 42″, small enough to roll-up and store conveniently. Onyx, Made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam