Good Day Sacramento described Tone-y-Bands wrist weights as “brilliant” as they were demonstrated by celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, founder of Body By Simone.  Simone, who uses Tone-y-Bands in her studios, joined Tone-y-Bands CEO and Founder, Janice Haley to introduce Tone-y-Bands live on CBS Good Day Sacramento, a Sacramento, California-based morning show hosted by Marianne McClary and Cody Stark.

Janice was joined with teen blogger extraordinaire Alexa Curtis from A Life In The Fashion and the incredible Simon de la Rue from Body by Simone. Janice described how Tone-y-Bands were initially designed to be worn throughout the day. The idea came to her husband while he was putting away the dishes, wishing he could be getting a work out from all the arm movements he was doing. After much market testing, Janice also realized the substantial need for arm weights that could be added to any exercise to gain more resistance. This led to innovative celebrity trainers such as Simone and fitness leaders requesting Tone-y-Bands for their facilities.

Simone demonstrated exercises that can’t be done with traditional weights – compound moves, balance moves, and dance cardio where you can get extra resistance thorughout the whole range of motion while having your hands-free.  Existing weights  are bulky and typically have velcro as a fastener and slide around making any type of movement cumbersome and uncomfortable. Tone–Bands fit snuggly on wrists are water proof and hygienic.

About Simone de la Rue

Simone opened her first studio in 2011 and is the creator of the Body By Simone method. She employs over 30 trainers, all certified in this dance based interval training program. Her fitness empire is expansive including: two Los Angeles studios, one NYC studio, three DVDs, an online streaming service, a clothing line, a co-branded shoe with Newton Running, and a TV show on the E Network.  Simone is also the author of “The 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan” available both digitally and in hard copy.

Body By Simone has received endless praise. The New York Times called BBS,” The Girlfriend Workout”, and, in 2016, Forbes Magazine called Body By Simone, “Hollywood’s Hottest Workout Empire”. BBS has 100K followers on Instagram, has appeared in hundreds of Fashion and Fitness magazines, and has been endorsed by top A-List celebrities. At just five years old, Body By Simone is just beginning a journey of endless possibilities.

Simone De La Rue began training in classical ballet at the age of three and has enjoyed a successful dance career spanning over two decades, including numerous performances on Broadway, London’s West End and her native Australia.

Simone’s initial desire to create a revolutionary exercise technique was to safeguard against injuries. By providing a solid foundation based on dance, she avoided the habitual wear and tear. Clients not only avoid injury, but avoid boredom. Possessing a strong passion for such an art form Simone wanted to share this joy with her clients both in a private and group forum.

About Alexa Curtis

But you can call me Miss Fashionista. My story is different from other stories because I didn’t grow up with summer homes and overpriced cars. I attended public school, and never fit in. After being bullied and struggling with constant insecurities and confidence issues, I decided to begin A Life in the Fashion Lane, in the hopes of being able to inspire one or two other girls across the country to follow their dreams.

I never anticipated being able to reach thousands. I’m happy to say that hard work pays off. I get to travel the world and discuss fashion, and continue to inspire more young adults to follow their dreams, regardless of where they grew up. 5 years ago, I never anticipated becoming an influencer as a tiny kid writing from her bedroom.