Great Day Houston KHOU news featured Tone-y-Bands as a best product for back to school. KHOU anchor Deborah Duncan and fashion blogger Alexa Curtis reviewed the hottest finds for Back To School items.

Tone-y-Bands wrist weights are fashionable and convenient. The best weights for back to the gym. They are cute hand weights to wear for working out in the dorm, weights for walking to class, or for adding resistance to exercise such as dance, barre, kick boxing, yoga, and HIIT.

Tone-y-Bands are super comfy, water proof, and hygienic. Perfect for people on the go. Check out the video below.
We are so excited about the broadcast we are running a special until Sept 1st!
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Tone-y-Bands Knows about Back to School

Tone-y-Bands office is located on the campus of FAU University. Tone-y-Bands won the opportunity to be part of Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway accelerator program along with a financial grant, office space, and fantastic interaction with the students and professors.

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