Celebrity Trainer Simone De La Rue knows what works when it comes to transforming someone’s fitness level in just 12 weeks. When the time to select the exercises and equipment for her Revenge Body clients, Simone selected Tone-y-Bands wrist weights and created a custom trampoline rebounding cardio workout. She liked the workout and results so much she created a DVD for Trampoline Cardio Rebounding using Tone-y-Bands.


Why Trampoline Rebounding and Tone-y-Bands Wrist Weights

A solid trampoline workout can effectively train the muscles in your abdominals, legs, thighs and buttocks. By adding Tone-y-Bands wrist weights and incorporating arm exercises, you can tone the upper body, sculpt your arms, burn more calories and transform the workout into a total body exercise.  Here’s what Simone has to say:

“I love that Tone-y-Bands add resistance to your workout and help to kick the heart rate up and burn more calories. It means you can still use your arms, hands, whatever you need during your workout and it just adds a little weight. The design is clean, sleek and sexy. The bands are also hygienic when you’re working out, and when you sweat, they don’t smell,” says, Simone, on a CBS TV news Interview.

And from Instagram:

Revenge Body Trainer Simone De La Rue on Trampoline Cardio Workouts with Tone-y-Bands

Did you catch the latest episode of @revengebody with @shaylamicole1
We used the trampoline often during her (Shayla’s) workouts. They are a wonderful way for clients to get their cardio in without too much high impact on the joints. For the first few weeks it was actually the only way she could do cardio before she dropped some of her excess weight. Running on the trampoline feels like you are running in quick sand. It’s extremely challenging. For my ideas of how to get your heart rate up on the tramp, head over to my website and pick up a copy of my trampoline cardio dvd.

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