What Customers Are Saying

Extra calorie burn while keeping my hands free. STYLISH – beautiful colors

Shannon C.

Everything actually – I use them for all my cardio activities as well as non cardio like Pilates and Yoga. They do feel right – they snuggle well and they do intensify my workouts. Best feature for me is that they are adjustable – odor free and that they are to last for ever because of what is made of.

Miriam K.

I love that I can tone and look fashionable at the same time! I believe I represent those that love to be fashion-forward with their gym wear and I am always trying to find ways of toning while I’m doing my cardio.

LaTasha E.

I love the ability to still get a workout doing regular daily activities and add more of a toning ability to my regular workouts.

Christina U.

What do you like about Tone-y-Bands? The ease of use, they are comfortable, and fashionable.

Joell C.

I love the colors and the fact I can add a little strength training with my Zumba class.

Lisa P.

Comfortable to wear, and effective. Ladies always seek a way to work on their arms!

Lissa B.

I like that they fashionable, comfortable, and sanitary.

Lindsay B.