Why Tone-y- Bands™

What is a cardio weight?

Tone-y- Bands are the first weight designed to move with you – while you exercise and throughout the day. The snug, soft, sleek, comfortable fit keeps your hands free to get more out of every move you make. More toning and more calories burned. They look good enough to wear anywhere, anytime, and are tough enough to outlast your sweatiest workout.

Designed for today’s busy lifestyle

Running from workout to work to home we need fitness gear that can do go with us. Have you tried arm weights but found them bulky, scratchy, uncomfortable, smelly and just plain ugly? Do they fly off your arms when wet or when the Velcro ages? Do they leak sand or iron from the seams? Were they too light or too heavy given the task at hand?

Where fitness meets fashion

We designed Tone-y- Bands with high quality materials so they look good and are tough! Made from medical grade silicone they are odor proof and water proof. Stainless steel pegs let you vary the weight an ounce at a time for maximum comfort and toning. A unique locking mechanism keeps the weights firmly in place no matter how fast you move.